Terms and Conditions


Whilst at Tesouro we work with the utmost care and attention and will do our best to make you aware of any obvious risks before commencing any repair, we would ask you to be mindful that no repair is free of risk, and you therefore agree to the commencement of the repair under your
own risk. There are times where parts and materials may break or fail during normal repair due to wear and tear. We cannot accept liability for such breakages as they are beyond our control and could not be reasonably foreseen.

There is an element of risk to all repairs as often heat will be required.
If a piece of metal is faulty then the heat may further damage the piece beyond repair.
Whilst Tesouro will always try to identify faulty metal before work is carried out, sometimes it is not possible as the fault may be on the inside of the metal and be undetectable until heat is. applied. Tesouro accepts no liability if damage occurs due to faulty metal.

Some metals become brittle over time and may have undergone past plating treatment. We cannot be held responsible for any deterioration, discolouration that occurs following repairs/finishing due to the condition of the metal and/or past treatment we have not been made
aware of.

With Platinum or White Gold ring resizing, there will be a slight visible line where the ring has been joined after sizing. With White Gold resizing the plating will cover the join but after some wear, the line will be visible again.

Precious stones are particularly vulnerable during repairs due to their structure and existing and natural flaws contained there in making them more susceptible to fracture, especially in the event of removal from setting or re-clawing. We cannot be held responsible for the replacement of any broken or damaged stones that occur due to natural causes.

Once a design has been agreed on, the client must honour the agreement. Tesouro cannot be held accountable for any changes to personal views on reflection after work on the piece has commenced. Please note we will match the design as closely as possible when translated into your precious metal jewellery, but please bear in mind that any design is just an indication of how the finished jewellery will look- and because the jewellery is handmade, some slight. variations from the sketch and the final finished jewellery may occur. Once an order for bespoke jewellery has been placed and deposit paid, we take this as acceptance of our terms and conditions on bespoke jewellery. No major changes can be made once you have confirmed the design and once you have paid, and your order cannot be cancelled or refunded. Any changes made to an order after acceptance of specifications and payment may incur a charge. No refunds will be given on any bespoke piece of jewellery at any time. Alterations made after a bespoke piece has been received will incur an additional charge. Tesouro will do their best to help but his will not be included in your original price.

Whilst at Tesouro we work with the utmost care and attention and will do our best to make you aware of any obvious risks with retipping your claws or the resetting of any diamonds. Before commencing any retipping of claws or replacement of diamonds, we would ask you to be mindful that we cannot take responsibility for worn or deteriorated metal that could be damaged whilst retipping claws. Tesouro will not take responsibility for any damaged claws or broken claws or stones that have been reset once the completed article has left our premises.

Before you decide if you wish to proceed with Polishing or Rhodium plating your jewellery, we have compiled a list of guidelines. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have prior to leaving your jewellery with us.

  • Rhodium plating is a temporary coating. We cannot guarantee the longevity of plating on any item, due to each customer’s level of wear and their care routine with their jewellery.
  • Worn, laser hallmarks or engraving (internal). In the process of polishing the rhodium off the ring, if you have a worn or laser engraved hallmark these can be polished out during the rhodium process. It is possible for us to not polish the inside of a ring, but we would not be. doing the best job possible for you. Please state to staff member if you do not wish us to polish the inside of your ring.
  • Patterns or engraving on the outside of the ring. In the process of polishing the rhodium off the ring, if you have patterns or engraving on the outside of your ring there is a chance that these can be polished out or may be faint after the rhodium process.
  • Rhodium plating yellow gold is successful on rings but please be aware rhodium plating yellow gold does not usually last as long as white gold.
  • We can only rhodium plate gold jewellery. If the item is not gold, then unfortunately we are
    unable to rhodium plate as the item will contaminate our rhodium plating solution.
  • Our equipment is relatively small and only capable of doing rings.
  • We are only polishing and rhodium plating your jewellery. We cannot remove defects in the metal such a pits, porosity, or sizing join marks on rings. Also, we are unable to remove deep scuffs or dents as part of the rhodium plating service.
  • Occasionally we receive rings in where the stones are loose. If this is the case, there will be an additional charge to securing the stone/s. We do not guarantee the security of any stones. Our process does not interfere with the security of the stones other than cleaning any dirt away from them. Occasionally a stone may seem secure, but it is being held in by the debris behind the setting such as solidified soap. Upon cleaning this away the stone may then fall out in our cleaning tank. Although this may sound bad it is a good thing. The stone fell out in a controlled environment in our cleaning tank where we can retrieve it and reset it. If you had continued wearing then this stone would have fallen out later, and probably been lost. We may however decline to clean this if the item is either very worn or a high risk of stones coming out and repair wouldn’t be possible.
  • If your ring has a different finish such as brushed finish, please make the member of staff aware when your item is being booked in.
  • If your item has different colours of gold, then rhodium plating will make everything white. We can retain the different colours by masking them off. please tell the member of staff when your item is being booked in to insure, we can try to replicate the finish of the ring correctly.


Same Day Service

We provide a fast and efficient same day service, so grab yourself a coffee in one of the nearby local cafes or get into the town to get some shopping done while we work on repairing your jewellery. Just call in once you’re ready and we’ll have your jewellery good as new.